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plantation shutter design Brisbane

One of the finest alternatives you have for making a tiny room appear larger is to select a window treatment that matches your décor, lets natural light stream in, and employs window coverings that don’t condense your living area.

Avoid Heavy Curtains

Avoiding heavy drapes and curtains is the number one rule in interior design if you want to create a large open space. Plantation shutters can give the impression that your room is larger. Drapes and curtains are hung in the area around the windows, which tends to dominate the aesthetic attractiveness of a place. Shutters that are well-designed have the opposite effect, making your rooms appear larger and more airy. This is a comparatively inexpensive approach to make your surroundings better.

Choose Light Shades to Maximise Sunlight

One way to maximise the space and light in your home is choosing colours that align with your windows rather than contrast them. Plantation shutters in white provide a neutral look that doesn’t clash with your existing decor. If you want to have the option of letting light into your home, plantation shutters are completely customisable. This allows you to choose the best design to enhance your existing space. Always go with the less complicated design if you’re unsure what to pick.

Colour Makes a Difference

Whatever window treatment you ultimately decide on, it’s wise to keep your colour scheme modest. Neutral colours are popular options because they can go with practically any interior design scheme. Examples include white, silver-grey, and beige. Try eggshell white or a warm peach for a cosier effect. The important thing to keep in mind is that a space will appear larger and more airy if the colour scheme is lighter.

Find the Perfect Style

Make sure the shutter style you choose will complement the architecture of your building to preserve the beauty of your property. Simple white plantation shutters could look the best if your home is decorated in a more conventional and timeless manner. Bayview Shutters are the optimal style for modern shutters that will maximise your space. These premium shutters provide a touch of luxury to your house. Bayview Shutters are expertly crafted and meet all lighting, temperature, and aesthetic requirements. You can choose how much light you want to enter the room by installing Bayview Shutters on windows and doors, which makes them perfect for indoor use. They will improve any home’s aesthetics and are renowned for their beauty and richness.

Keep in mind that the three most important factors to take into account are light, colour, and the quantity of room the solution will occupy when seeking window treatments. For further help in choosing the perfect window treatment for your space, get in touch with the friendly team at Twoshade Shutters and Blinds. At Twoshade, we specialise in all kinds of window treatment solutions for homes across Brisbane.

For more information contact Twoshade and we can provide a free measure and quote for your home. We service everywhere from as south as Beenleigh, North Brisbane, Redcliffe and up to Caboolture and Beerwah.