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Layering curtains over other window coverings is a great way to enhance the aesthetics of your windows, however, also give many benefits for light control, insulation and privacy. Here’s how to master the art of pairing plantation shutters with curtains for a beautiful and functional home.

Layering Curtains for Better Light Control

Although shutters are great at keeping rooms cool and blocking out external light, they are limited to two options, open or closed. Blackout curtains over shutters are great for kids bedrooms as they can make a room pitch black, ideal for sleeping. For living rooms, pair your plantation shutters with sheer curtains to open up your space, you can keep the room private with the slats tilted but still achieve airflow. The combination of curtains and shutters just allows better control of natural light which is great for summer days. They aren’t overpowering or striking; instead, they seamlessly blend in with the walls and provide an air of elegance and cleanliness. Check out our curtain options.

Insulate Your Home with Plantation Shutters and Thick Curtains

Just like layering blankets, layering windows help insulate your home. Plantation shutters are perfect for keeping cold air out as they are designed to close tightly that stops cool air from entering and warm air from escaping. Pairing them with thick curtains will help enhance the insulation and increase energy efficiency in your home. You don’t have to keep your shutters closed all the time, open your shutter panels or tilt open their louvres to let in natural light when you want some fresh air.

Enhance Your Privacy with Shutters & Blinds

If you’re looking for a window combination that is simple but functional, plantation or timber shutters are perfect for pairing with Roller Blinds or Venetian Blinds. You can open your shutters from the bottom and roll your blinds halfway to let in some light and airflow but keep out peeping neighbours. The combination of shutters with blinds allows you to choose your optimum privacy. Whether you want a partial view or have them completely closed for privacy, shutters and blinds together let you experience the benefits of light and temperature control without worrying about privacy.

Match the styles of your curtains to the colours or patterns of your plantation shutters. For example, warm-coloured curtains would look beautiful next to stained timber shutters, while light-coloured or patterned curtains would look great next to simple white shutters. Whether your home is decorated in a classic or modern style, plantation shutters and curtains can highlight and enhance the room and make a bold statement.

Your Window Covering Options with Twoshade

If you’re looking at multiple window covering options to decorate your home with, Twoshade are Brisbane shutter and blind experts who have a variety of window covering options to choose from. Shutters with curtains or blinds can complement any style of home and give your decor a touch of refinement and elegance. They provide any space with the ideal finishing touch and keep you comfortable in both the summer and the winter. Add value to your home with this unique interior choice!

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