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plantation shutters and curtains brisbane

Plantation shutters alone are excellent for controlling light and privacy, but stacking them with curtains can increase these advantages. Find out how to pair plantation shutters with curtains below.

How To Style Curtains Over Plantation Shutters

Homes with plantation shutters look great with curtains. Shutters’ strong functionality is a good complement to the elegance and ornamental patterns of curtains. Shutters are highly flexible and blend in beautifully with other window treatments. So, you aren’t constrained to a single style when selecting plantation shutters. For instance, blackout curtains and plantation shutters form a great pair since they make it easy to reach the windows and darken the room at night. Living areas that have draperies and shutters feel cosier, and when the windows are open and the shutters are tilted, your room looks more appealing and has movement. These are the perfect window covering to make a statement while conveying openness and minimalism. They aren’t overpowering or striking; instead, they seamlessly blend in with the walls and provide an air of elegance and cleanliness.

Match the colours or patterns of your Plantation shutters with curtains styles. For instance, light-coloured or patterned curtains would look excellent next to white shutters, while warm-coloured curtains would look fantastic next to stained shutters. Plantation shutters and curtains accentuate and enhance the focal point of the space and can create a striking statement whether your home is decorated in a classic or modern style. Neutral-coloured shutters will help the space feel lighter and more spacious. Shutters in neutral tones can be readily incorporated with other curtain patterns and home decor. If there is enough room and you want to blend patterns or two colours, you may use light-coloured shutters as a contrast to darker drapes. But, if you want the shutters to stand out, pick darker hues, even if this may restrict your fabric options. A room may appear smaller if the fabric and shutters are excessively dark. However, it can be effective in spaces that need darker light.

Incorporating Plantation Shutters With Curtains in Your Home Design

Plantation shutters and curtains both have their advantages, which is why many homeowners opt to use both. Plantation shutters have a timeless aesthetic and are energy efficient in their ability to insulate windows and doors. A room’s desired level of light or seclusion can be achieved with the use of both plants and curtains, which can be adjusted to let in more or less light. Additionally, there are so many different fabrics, colours, and types of curtains and shutters available, it’s simple to modify the look and feel of your space. Using the two will increase your home’s usefulness and design versatility, increasing its value for both you and potential buyers.

If you’re considering ways on how to pair plantation shutters with curtains you can contact Brisbane specialists Twoshade who do both plantation shutter and curtain installation. Shutter and curtain installation adds a touch of refinement and luxury to your decor and works with any style of home. They add the perfect finishing touch to any place and maintain comfort in both the summer and the winter. A fantastic approach to increase the worth of a room is by increasing the value of your home with this stylish decor!

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